Built-in appliances

Built-in appliances

Built-in fires are meant to be ‘built in’, which means that you always install and connect the appliance itself first and later install the casing. A built-in hearth is the most suitable option for newly constructed buildings or renovations.

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Inzethaarden & kachels

Inset appliances

Cassettes are developed to be installed into an existing open fireplace or fire opening without the need for any appreciable alterations or demolition work. The connection of the cassette occurs via the interior of the appliance.

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Freestanding stoves are stand-alone appliances that are connected to the existing chimney. Depending on the type of fireplace mantel, you can select either a horizontal or vertical connection.

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atmos 90/48 wood stove flam
108,6 × 140 × 51 cm
gas ambi flam
114,2 × 84,2 × 52,5 cm
Flam Rondo 115 stove
51 × 112 × 41,5 cm
gaz ambi flam
114,2 × 86,6 × 43,7 cm